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Welcome to PlusMinus’n’More

We would love to have a contribution from you. We take review posts from bloggers/authors/hobby-writers.

We will pay for articles that get published, unless the writer wishes to submit their work as pure contribution.

If your review is accepted, we will pay a minimum of INR 250 for it. We may pay more based on parameters like  comprehensiveness of review, depth and language. This will be decided by the editorial team.

Article Copyright, Terms and Conditions

“RAPO learning services” acquires the publishing rights on all accepted reviews/articles, and it reserves the rights to use all accepted articles in future — in part or in full — on any of its sites. So contributors are bound to not reproduce or re-sell the article in any form, either online or offline. However the copyright of the reviews/articles rests with the respective contributors .

Contributors  may use an excerpt from their contributions on their personal website/blog and link to the post published on our site. But, using part, or whole of text on other commercial sites is not permitted.

The article a contributor submits may not be posted as is; it will be subjected to minor edits to suit our standards and policies. Any change in content that will affect the expressed views will be discussed with the contributor before posting.

We reserve the right to reject articles that do not meet our requirements and guidelines.

Plagiarism is a serious offence. It will not be encouraged. While every effort will be made to ascertain the originality of content, RAPO Learning Services will not be liable, if any author submits plagiarised content and the same is published on this blog. In the event that such a situation has been proven to have occurred, we will not hesitate to remove the said article from the website.

Review Guidelines

    1. You can review any book written by an Indian author. We do a few non-fiction books of foreign authors. If there are books of which you are uncertain, do check with us.
    2. Currently, reviews in English or Tamil or reasonable Tanglish will be accepted. The book reviewed may be in any language.
    3. Check if the book has already been reviewed on our site. If it is, hold on. We have a program coming up for this shortly.
    4. Books that are good, and qualify for recommendation are preferred over the others. Popular books, on which you have a different take are also acceptable.
    5. Please give the following details regarding the book – title, author, illustrator, publisher, genre and a link to an image of the book cover are obligatory.
    6. The review should have a length of at least 350 words. Though the upper limit is not fixed, please ensure that there are sufficient interesting elements in long posts.
    7. Informal language is fine. This site is for readers of all ages, so avoid profanity. In case the language / content is explicit and not suitable for young readers, do put up a warning at the beginning of the review.
    8. If you have other ideas/topics to write about (apart from reviews), send a pitch to the email address mentioned at the bottom of this page. As long as it is related to books, you stand a chance of getting accepted.
    9. SMS language (4 u gr8) is not acceptable. Alternately, submit a whole post/article in sms language to be posted as a mindbender.
    10. Run a spellcheck and grammar check on your work before sending.
    11. Send a short bio of youself (3 or 4 sentences). Do create a gravatar for yourself, which will be used in the author box.
    12. Our preferred format is as below. But if for any reason, you find this a constraint, we are open to relax this.


  1. Title, author / author
  2. Storyline or summary of the content of the book
  3. + + + a list of positive points
  4. – – – a list of negative points
  5. ? ? ? any questions to the author/anyone else associated with the book
  6. ! ! ! elements that makes you wonder about something
  7. . . . any musings based on some trigger from the book
  8. Takeaway from the book
  9. Items 4-8 above are optional. You can add other symbol headings if you can think of any. Books that do not have item 3 do not qualify for space on the site
  10. Bottomline

If you are a first time reviewer on our site, get in touch with us at readandpasson {at} gmail {dot} com

Happy writing!

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15 thoughts on “Write for us

    • OO

      @Srividya – I think that RAPO learning service would post a review of any book, if the review fits in with the specifications given above. The template for the review may be downloaded from the URL above.

  • Hina Sharma


    I am interested in sharing my reviews. But am still a budding blogger. I have no blog site as such but have posted a few blogs on my company intranet. Please let me know if I can share my reviews for review.


  • Nalin_Chauhan

    I want to contribute for the non-fiction Hindi books category reviews. But for the first I want to start with a book titled “Writing Self, Writing Empire; Chandar Bhan Brahman and the Cultural World of the Indo-Persian State Secretary” by Rajeev Kinra published by University of California Press as I am more interested in the unknown or lesser known aspects of History of Delhi in particular. As I am contributing for this through my two columns in evening newspaper of Sandhya Times (Times of India Group) and Dainik Jagran on weekly basis.

    warm regards,
    Nalin Chauhan

    • Desk Editor

      Hello Nalin –
      Thank you for writing in to Plus Minus ‘n’More and for indicating your interest to write reviews for PMNM. Until now our focus has been on English titles; further, we do not have a Hindi editorial board to be able to evaluate review in Hindi. In view of this, I need to consult the Editor and our sponsors regarding review of Hindi titles.
      – For PMNM

  • Anuradha prasad

    I have come across your very impressive website and more than impressive book reviews. Would you like to review my book? This is the second. My first happens to be –
    ‘ Two Winters and 365 days ; And the second is ‘Coming Back Home’ by Anuradha Prasad

    You will get a whole lot of information about my work and books in Google when you type about- Author Anuradha Prasad. Do let me knoiw if you would be interested to review my.

    Thanks a Million.