Woofus ‘My Mom’s the Best’ – Reena I Puri

Woofus 'My mom's the best' - Reena I Puri

It was with no expectation that I read Woofus ‘Everybody Works’ and A home for Woofus. As we enjoyed them a lot, I decided to try another one in the series, Woofus ‘My Mom’s the Best’. Reena Puri and Savio Mascarenhas did not disappoint us.

What does Woofus puppy do at bedtime? Well, mom gives him a good-night lick and Woofus cuddles up to her. But bedtime also means story time (in the puppy world too!)

Woofus declares that his mom is the best. But mom wants to talk about other moms and dads who take very good care of their babies.

Mom tells about the amazing Papa Penguin who stands with the egg on his feet for two months till Mama Penguin returns from her trips to the ocean. Mom adds about the Crocodile Mama’s care in carrying her babies around. Then mother dog continues with  the stories of Mama Monkey, Mama Bear and Papa Stickleback fish. Then there is the Mama Elephant and the Papa and Mama Sandgrouse. Each creature takes care of its young ones.

Woofus finds the stories sometimes wonderful and sometimes funny. Much as he appreciates other moms and dads, he finds his mom the best. His mom reciprocates the feeling. Good-night with a lick.

Read and book and have a blissful sleep with your little one cuddled next to you! You are going to love it!

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  1. Simple but fact-filled storyline. The idea of bedtime stories for a puppy can certainly be related to by any child who has the same routine. Perfect for bedtime because of the way it ends with licks (of course, translated to cuddles and kisses in the human world).
  2. Facts about how certain animals take care of their babies is told through the story. My son has picked up names of a few creatures like Stickleback and Sandgrouse which are usually not part of a toddler’s vocabulary.
  3. Wow to the emotions on Woofus’ face as he observes Mom’s stories about other animals. Wow to Savio!
  4. Just Rs. 59. Less than a tub of popcorn in the multiplex.

. . .

  1. My son has been encountering elephants in his story books quite too often. Like the Gajapati Kulapati stories and the Elly series. So, he has developed a fascination for ephelants (yes, that is what he calls them). Absolute joy when Mama Elephant made an  entry and gave the little one a bath!

Best mom, best son and best bedtime story!

Book Details:

Title Woofus 'My mom's the best'
Amazon Paperback
Flipkart Paperback
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Reena I Puri, Savio Mascarenhas
Publisher Think Big books

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