Woofus ‘I am hungry’ – Reena I Puri

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Woofus 'I am hungry' - Reena I Puri

As we are lapping up the books of the Woofus series — Woofus ‘Everybody Works’A Home for Woofus and Woofus ‘My Mom’s the Best’ — I decided to try one more of the series. Reena Puri and Savio Mascarenhas have come together to offer the story of another quest by Woofus, the puppy.

Rrrumble rumbled Woofus’ stomach. Getting ready to jump at the growler, Woofus could not find anyone. He soon realized that it was his tummy. Thus starts his quest to satisfy his hunger.

Mother dog had gone off to work and Woofus was hungry. He decided to go around to this friends’ places and find some food.

He met Dum Dum Donkey, Pinky Pig, Rumpus Rooster, Crawly Caterpillar and Kiki Kingfisher. Their food of hay, turnips, corn, green leaves and fish did not really appeal to Woofus. Then he heard Mother dog calling from the kennel.

When one is hungry, the sweetest thing one can hear is the mother calling for food. Woofus ran to Mom. On seeing the big bowl of warm milk, he rushed, slurped and lapped up all the milk. Yes, exactly, the way we are lapping up his stories. Eventually, he curled up to his mother and slept.

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  1. Simplicity is very beautiful. A simple storyline with the right elements is just perfect for the young ones. Reena has studied the pulse of the little ones so perfectly, that she is able to produce stories that enthrall the little ones. My son is no exception.
  2. Talking about food is always fun. An opportunity to introduce the food habits of other animals to the little ones.
  3. The suspicion on Woofus’ face when he hears the rumble is so funny that my son tries to imitate that look. As we go through the story, all the emotions are observed and reproduced. It ends with the little one curling up against the mother with a blissful look and so does my little one. Thanks to Savio we have a little mono-act staged everytime we read the book.
  4. At Rs.59/- it is less than a movie ticket at a multiplex.
  5. An eager puppy in front of a bowl of milk and a happy mom are waiting to be coloured.

Hunger and happiness!

Book Details:

Title Woofus 'I am hungry'
Amazon Paperback
Flipkart Paperback
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Reena I Puri, Savio Mascarenhas
Publisher Think Big books

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