Woofus ‘Everybody works’ – Reena I Puri

Woofus Everybody works – Reena I Puri

Woofus ‘Everybody Works’, from Think Big Books, written by Reena I. Puri caught my attention, while I was looking at the F-Page of its illustrator Savio Mascarenhas. So, I decided to try it out for my little son.

Woofus is a puppy, who lives with his mother dog in her kennel. One day, when he feels like playing with his mother, he calls her for a run, but she refuses, because she is at work guarding the gate.

Now, Woofus is puzzled why his mom has to work. He starts on a quest to find a playmate.

On his way, he meets Hinny Horse, Bonga Bull, Anu Ant, Bizi Bee, Silky Squirrel and Babu Beaver. Each of them has some work to do.

Eventually, Woofus meets Mini Monkey, who is working at playing. So, he runs of with Mini to play.

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  1. Simple, yet delightful characterization of Woofus, the puppy, can make a young child identify himself/herself with Woofus.
  2. Playfully, the author Reena has introduced what each of the animals does. This gives an opportunity for the parent to talk about an animal’s work and even further pursue with some activity. As of now, my son and I are following ants to see if they take the specks of food that they collect to their homes.
  3. Reena’s choice of simple words and very interesting Indian sounding names makes it very relatable. For instance, Anu Ant is a hit with my son, and, personally, I like Mini Monkey as well.
  4. Savio’s illustrations are playful, and he is able to give life to the naughtiness, concerns and innocence of little Woofus.
  5. At Rs. 59 it is a steal.
  6. Your little one can use the last page with a “Colour the picture” depicting Woofus and Mini Monkey.
  7. Yay! No moral. I was half expecting the book to end with the idea that everyone has to work. But then, I was surprised and pleased to find that it did not.

Woofus plays!

Book Details:

Title Woofus 'Everybody Works'
Amazon Paperback
Flipkart Paperback
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Reena I Puri, Savio Mascarenhas
Publisher Think Big books

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