Woofus ‘Don’t Want to Learn’ – Reena I Puri

Woofus 'Don't want to learn' - Reena I Puri

To wind up the Woofus series of Woofus ‘Everybody Works’A Home for WoofusWoofus ‘My Mom’s the Best’ and Woofus ‘I am hungry’, we picked the only remaining one Woofus ‘Don’t Want to Learn’. Reena Puri and Savio Mascarenhas have gently touched upon the need to learn and how everyone learns.

Woofus is bored and wants to go out and play with his friends. His mother wants to teach him to bark and  guard. Mother lets him go and play.

But what does Woofus find? He finds that all his friends are busy at learning something.

Kitty Kitten’s mom is teaching her to hunt. Dinky Duck is busy learning to dive under water. Even Mini Monkey is busy learning to choose the right leaves for eating. So is the case with Chicky Chick and Dolma Deer.  While Chicky Chick is learning to find worms in the grass, Dolma Deer is learning to run fast. Ely Elephant is learning to take a bath with her trunk.

A disappointed Woofus returns home. This time around he willingly submits to Mother Dog’s efforts to teach him to bark and guard.

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  1. A gentle introduction to the fact that every animal has to learn something, and what each animal learns. Reena has conveyed the message that even animals learn and the little child who is reading the book ought to learn as well. That is the opportunity that the mom in me found delightful. So, no don’t-want-to-learn’s anymore!
  2. Savio Mascarenhas has vividly captured the boredom of Woofus with his illustrations. These images elicit laughter every time we open this book. As my son tries to imitate Woofus, we have lots of fun.
  3. Rs.59! Can it get better?
  4. Woofus puppy is playing with Kitty Kitten and a scurrying mouse. They are just outlines. Why don’t you add colour?

Everyone learns!

Book Details:

Title Woofus 'Don't want to learn'
Amazon Paperback
Flipkart Paperback
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Reena I Puri, Savio Mascarenhas
Publisher Think Big books

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