Wings to Fly – Sowmya Rajendran

Wings to Fly – Sowmya Rajendran

“Wings to fly” written by Sowmya Rajendran and illustrated by Arun Kaushik is an episode from the biography of the differently-abled sportsperson Malathi Holla.

How about reading a biography to a 5-year old? Can’t think of it right?
Malathi wants to fly, but she cannot. Obviously humans cannot fly. But Malathi cannot do that which most of us can do. How does it affect little Malathi? What does she grow up into? Was she a dull sober girl? Or a strong-willed girl determined to win big races? Big races which many could have never even dreamt of?
Read the book to find out your answers…

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  1. Short, sweet narration of  the story of Malathi, stirring young guns to start looking at great people’s lives and to tell them there is an interesting story in everybody’s life.
  2. The visuals imprint Malathi’s journey in the young reader’s mind, and create a lasting impression.
  3. Little do we know as we flip through the pages of the book that it is a true story. Until then, one wonders, how and why in this story little Malathi grows up so fast and even lands in a job!


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  1. The brother taking her in cycle is different than the one in family photo
  2. “There is a race coming up…” – Are there some pages missing after that? It comes from nowhere…

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  1. I asked my 6-year old who read the book thrice already on what could have been better. He shook his head left to right and said:
    “Nothing, the book is very nice”!Tweet

    The kids to whom I had read this book were very keen to know more about Malathi Holla. They left me in peace only after seeing the pictures of the actual Malathi Holla. I think the book is an excellent starter for kids to get into biography genre. It is easier and catchy than Amar Chitra Katha’s biographies (for a 5 year old).

Inspiring flight!

Book Details:

Title Wings to Fly
Amazon Paperback
Flipkart Paperback
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Arun Kaushik, Sowmya Rajendran
Publisher Tulika books

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