Will the Oven Explode – Andaleeb Wajid

Will the Oven Explode - Andaleeb Wajid

Having heard of the author, I was eager to read one of her books. I was a bit hesitant, as it was an e-book, a format that I am not familiar with. However I pushed aside my hesitation and bought the book on Juggernaut. (The author too sent me a soft copy for review .) The app was quite simple to navigate and I found that it offers quite a few classics free of cost. The story itself had a good flow to it.

‘Will the Oven Explode’ by Andaleeb Wajid goes through the life of the seemingly happily married Ayn, whose life turns topsy turvy one fine morning. If marriages are made in heaven, Ayn’s marriage seems to be the best of one such, where both Ayn and Ehaan cannot have enough of each other. Their wedded bliss begins with Ayn being a disaster in the kitchen. Ehaan is so supportive that he appreciates even the worst of Ayn’s goof-ups. He even gobbles up hard burnt dishes, not leaving a morsel for her, so she would not feel discouraged tasting it. The title itself comes up from one of her blunders, which both of them deal with in a hilarious manner.

Ayn begins to blog about her kitchen disasters and she soon becomes an internet celebrity. Slowly things change and Ayn gets busy – the change is for better or worse is what’s to be seen. Ayn hardly notices the changes, but Ehaan gets to a point that he can stand it no longer. Things get complicated. There are misunderstandings and added to this, manipulations from Ehaan’s sister. Just when things seem to get better between them, further problems crop up. Ayn’s friend, Keerthana tries to perk her up, only to create more conflicts. The way Ayn rebukes Keerthana for her interference reminds me of someone I know. Whether the tough storms they have to go through leaves Ayn and Ehaan still holding hands is something to be seen.

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  1. Ehaan’s sister, Sabeen with her insecurities, crooked thoughts and envy has been pictured well.
  2. In the beginning one would get the impression that Ehaan is against Ayn coming up in her career. But the part where the author has shown him wondering how his sister could be content as a homemaker proves he is not a male chauvinist. Here Ehaan is shown as glad that Ayn is different from his sister.
  3. The author has successfully shown Ayn as blissfully unaware of the cracks in their married life.  For example, she thinks

    “You didn’t have to work at a good marriage, did you? It became old and fuzzy like the warm comforter you never want to throw out.”

– – –

  1. The way Ehaan just walks out one fine day abruptly with no great explanations is somewhat irritating and doesn’t seem natural. But maybe that is what drives the story forward.

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  1. The depths to which relatives can go to manipulate someone is surprising, yet this is something that happens.

A ride through the ebb and flow of marital bliss.

Book Details:

Title Will the Oven Explode
Juggernaut eBook
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Andaleeb Wajid
Publisher Juggernaut

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