The Sire of Humellis – Aditya Prakash

The Sire of Humellis – Aditya Prakash

The Sire of Humellis by Aditya Prakash takes us to the world of Adam, a young racing enthusiast, whose passion is mountain biking.


Adam is introduced to the world of racing at quite a young age by his father. His father, an enthusiast himself, is a maker of a special kind of mountain bike, the Klunker. Adam  wins several important races, bringing laurels to his proud father. On one such expedition, a serious accident results in a fractured ankle, and threatens to keeps him away from his favourite sport. However, his desire for the sport is renewed with the help of encouraging words from his wife and loved ones who have faith in his ability. Before long he is on the path to recovery, and even plans, with his close friend Joe, to go biking on the Himalayas.

During this endeavour, Adam and Joe set out for Ladakh, when after a difficult and tiring journey they chance upon a peaceful and odd kind of village called Thanzi village. Strange things happen there, including finding a book with unusual writing, which set them thinking. Their brief sojourn in Thanzi refreshes them beyond their imagination and they resume their journey.

However, Joe and Adam get separated under unusual circumstances. Adam is trapped in a cave with very little supplies and the strange book that he found in Thanzi village. Adam spends several forlorn days in the cave searching for a way out. During his time in the cave, Adam comes across carvings in the cave that resemble Akshay , a person of Thanzi village. He discovers carvings of the book also in the cave, which prompts him to read the book. The book prophesies that a man named Adam is destined to save the world from an apocalypse like situation.

The fantasy world of the book unfolds after this – a world with unusual aircraft, strange beings called Asteromans, robots, alien planets and various other stunning happenings. The rest of the story is about Adam and his attempt to save the world. Read the book to know whether he is successful in saving the world and if he reunites with his family.

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  1. The perseverance and courage of Adam is worth emulating.
  2. The author has combined fantasy with Indian mythology in a convincing manner.
  3. The novel inspires a person to search for one’s inner potential and work for the welfare of others.


  1. We get to know of the merits of Indian yoga through a foreigner, Adam, who recuperates from his accident with its help.
  2. By reading this book an old truth is reinforced in our mind – that sufferings in life work to make us better persons, preparing us for a life of service.

Travel through the lands of fantasy with Indian mythology and Adam and Eve for company.

A review copy of the book was given by the author. Thanks Aditya!

Book Details:

Title The Sire of Humellis
Amazon Paperback
Amazon Kindle Edition
Flipkart Paperback
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Aditya Prakash
Publisher Champanzi

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