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The Mysterious Uncle Uh-Oh by Kanika G caught my attention because of its title. Who doesn’t love a good mystery and a bit of amateur sleuthing?  I was ready to dive in, to find out why a grown man would be christened Uh-Oh.

Nidhi​,​ Rahul​,​ Mahesh and​ Payal are friends. They live in the same neighborhood​. A grouchy old man moves into the​ir​ neighborhood, who dislikes people, especially children. It is a rude shock for the children because his predecessor was a kind and amiable man who liked kids. The children start calling him Uncle​ Uh-Oh because that is the reaction his appearance elicits.

One day a Mustang arrives into their neighbourhood. It has two people in it. Santa Singh and his young​ son Akshay are visiting Uncle Uh-Oh. On being asked for directions to his house, the children warn him of Uncle Uh-Oh’s reclusive nature. But the visitors are able to gain entry into Uh-Oh’s​ house which is a miracle in the eyes of the children. Uncle Uh-Oh also welcomes the visitors cordially which is at odds with how he generally behaves with the children. The children, who were watching the proceedings, are stumped. What is the reason behind the sudden change in ​Uncle Uh-Oh’s behaviour?

Overcome with curiosity, they bombard the visitors with questions about him. Santa Singh​ tells the children​ about Uncle ​Uh-Oh, and also reveals his real name​. I particularly liked the way he handled their curiosity and tried to make them see his perspective, without revealing the backstory.

​It is not my place to tell you. Sometimes people are in so much pain, that they can’t spare the energy or the mental capacity to be nice. They are drowning and need help.​

Will the children be able to see Uncle Uh-Oh’s good side? Will they figure out the reason behind the change in Uncle Uh-Oh’s behaviour? Read the book to find out.

+ + +

  1. The author uses simple conversational English to take the story forward which will be easy for the young readers to grasp.
  2. The chapters are named well. The children would have an inkling about what to expect before they dive in.
  3. The true to life black and white illustrations are drawn by 8 year old Mishti Shah. Her imagination and execution of the idea​ is commendable. I expected more illustrations because it is a book meant for young readers.

– – –

  1. Inconsistencies in spelling and grammar which escaped the editorial scalpel of Pell G,​ who is also the author’s daughter, could have been avoided​.

. . .​

  1. There lies an important message in the story for kids without being preachy. Seeing isn’t always believing when you don’t have all the facts. People don’t think twice about passing judgement or jumping  to negative conclusions without knowing the complete story. It can destroy a person’s reputation before they have even had a chance to tell their own story, in their own time.

! ! !

  1. Chortled is a tough word for young readers. I hope it will make them check the dictionary or even ask what it means.  It is a good way to improve their vocabulary.​
  2. It is interesting to note how ​kids have their own way of making up names for people and​ things based on their behaviour or attributes.

Appearances can be deceptive!

A copy of this book was given to me by the author and publisher, Kanika G, in return for an honest review.

Book Details:

Title The Mysterious Uncle Uh-Oh
Amazon Kindle Edition
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Kanika G
Publisher Self (Kanika G)

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2 thoughts on “The Mysterious Uncle Uh-Oh – Kanika G

  • Aesha Shah

    Thanks Sujata for the review. Mishti Shah is my daughter. I am glad you mentioned her in your review and appreciated her work. I am thankful to Kanika G for for trusting my 8 year old daughter with her story and give her the opportunity to illustrate .