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The Grand Plan To Fix Everything - Uma Krishnaswami

The Grand Plan To Fix Everything, written by Uma Krishnaswami and illustrated by Abigail Halpin, is about a eleven year old girl named Dini, living with her parents in Maryland. She and her best friend forever (BFF) Maddie are big fans of Dolly Singh. Dolly Singh is a very famous Hindi actress. The two friends love the songs and dances of Dolly Singh. They were also going to attend a Bollywood Dance Camp but couldn’t.

All of a sudden, Dini and her family move to India, that too to a small town called Swapnagiri. Dini had wanted to atleast move to Bombay (Mumbai), because that is the “center of the filmi universe”. Dini doesn’t exactly like the idea of leaving Maddie and Maryland, and moving to Swapnagiri for two whole, long years.

In Swapnagiri, they live in one of the villas of Sunny Villa Estates owned by Mr. Chickoo Dev. He lives there, with his niece Priya, whose parents are in Washington DC for a year. Dini makes friends with Priya easily.

Dini and Maddie think that Dolly is really sad because in her latest movie MJTJ (Mera Jeevan Tera Jeevan) there are only sad songs.

Dini wants to make Dolly happy again. Once in three to four days, Dini always calls Maddie to inform her all the details. The story goes on and on, with other people like a postman, a baker and an executive in the movie business, all joining in to make Dolly happy.

Will Dini manage to make Dolly happy again?

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  1. I think it is perfect for readers who love all genres. This book cannot be slotted under any particular genre.
  2. I like the book’s name – it suits the story, unlike many books.
  3. The story line is good. It is a different type of story, where children help an actress.
  4. Compared to Book Uncle and Me, written by the same author, I liked this better.

– – –

  1. I thought the book was a bit too long.
  2. It is not believable that an ordinary girl goes to help an actress.

! ! !

  1. Dini and her family got used to India almost immediately, even though they are from Maryland, US.

? ? ?

  1. How can an ordinary girl like Dini go to an actress’s house to visit her?

 The Grand Plan is a good plan.

Book Details:

Title The Grand Plan To Fix Everything
Amazon Paperback
Amazon Kindle Edition
Flipkart Paperback
Flipkart eBook
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Abigail Halpin, Uma Krishnaswami
Publisher Simon and Schuster

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Sahana Muralikrishnan is a seventh grader who aspires to become a basketball player. In her leisure time, she loves to read books, especially mysteries and adventures.

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4 thoughts on “The Grand Plan To Fix Everything – Uma Krishnaswami

  • Kumari Gurusamy

    Loved the naming usage to spread the context cleverly … Swapnagiri Dolly Singh etc … and then in Surya ville there is a chickoo dev made me lol! Funny writer for sure. So “dini” could mean “that” eh?!

    • OO

      @Kumari Gurusamy
      Thanks for the comment.
      You might need to elaborate what is the connection between chickoo dev and Surya ville.
      “Dini” could mean “that”? I am not sure. Dini could be short for Vinodini.

  • OO

    @Sahana – Good review.

    It is not believable that an ordinary girl goes to help an actress.

    Valid point, but I’d like to put a question back to you. Suppose that your most favorite basketball player is having sad or having some trouble, would you want to help her? You probably would. Dini’s feeling is probably something like that.