The Eight FBian Hearts – Harsha Shastry

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The Eight FBian Hearts - Harsha Shastry

The Eight FBian Hearts by Harsha Shastry narrates the story of eight people of different age groups and backgrounds finding the love of their lives on Facebook.

The 32-year-old Bhaskar — a content writer and a divorcee — ventures into Facebook, posting an old photo of his as the profile picture, one taken before his wedding. He wishes for friend requests from females, and in the end finds a request from someone he finds interesting.

Vishnu is a happy-go-lucky chap, who has not completed his graduation and works as a sales executive. He changes his occupation in the profile page to an attractive, witty one and keeps sending friend requests to good-looking girl profiles, so much so that he gets blocked from facebook for a month. When he logs back in, he thinks he has found the girl of his dreams in the form of a friend request.

Sujala is a beautiful lady nearing 30, who aspires to be an actress. She mainly logs into facebook with the hope of finding some such opportunity. She keeps looking at her friend request section to see if someone from the film world has sent a request. One day, frustrated that she was not realizing any of her dreams, she is in the process of deleting all friend requests and messages, when a particular message from a man catches her fancy. This becomes a turning point in her life.

Sanika is a soft-hearted teacher who is very fond of kids. She is good looking, but has a flaw in the form of a small patch of leukoderma on her right hand. Her aged mother keeps trying to find a groom for her. But Sanika decides to find her soulmate through Facebook. She scans her friend requests and narrows down to three persons, one of whom she gets close with.

Pradeep is in the software field and when he needs a diversion, he logs into facebook. He is quite a handsome guy, but hours of work on the computer had made him rather plump. He too wants to find a companion for life through Facebook and finds one profile he likes.

Malvi is a lovely HR manager who dreams of marrying someone rich. Her parents are considering proposals, but she wants to find the man of her dreams through Facebook. She finds a profile of a ‘CEO’ and sends a friend request, which puts her life through ups and downs.

Anaya is a dark girl who is a very good artist. She had to face many marriage proposals and rejections just because of her dark colour. So she does not put up her profile picture on Facebook. Does she find her guy on Facebook?

Vijay, a postgraduate, 31 years of age, has a good job at a nationalized bank. He is shy and wants to marry someone who can adjust to this nature of his. He too tries to find the girl of his dreams on Facebook.

It is intriguing as we try to pair them in our minds. As we go through the novel it is interesting to find out who falls in love with whom, how their flaws come out to the surface when they meet, and whether they really find true love.

+ + +

  1. The characters are all people we can relate to in real life.
  2. A simple plot line, which we all can identify with in this age of social media.
  3. The author has described well the travails of a dark person in India.
  4. The pangs of betrayal and separation are brought out well.
  5. The author has convincingly depicted the fact that the world is full of imperfections.

– – –

  1. It could have done with a lot more editing.

! ! !

  1. Difficult to believe that anyone will fall head over heels in love, just over a few chats on FB.

? ? ?

  1. Wondering whether there is something called ‘dinner’ on the menu card of any restaurant.


In spite of what is being portrayed in the novel, we realize the shallow relationships formed through social media. The tale shows how it is important to share all our flaws with the person whom we wish to spend our lives with. True love looks through all flaws and imperfections, and sees the person beneath.

Discover the joys and heartbreaks associated with social media and the youth of today.

A copy of this book was given me by the author, Harsha Shastry in return for an honest review. Thanks Harsha.

Book Details:

Title The Eight FBian Hearts
Amazon Kindle Edition
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Harsha Shastry
Publisher Numerique

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