The Crooked Road – Anay Agarwal

The Crooked Road – Anay Agarwal

Young people these days aspire to be entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, only a few have it in them to venture out and succeed as well. In his novel, The Crooked Road, Anay Agarwal narrates the story of how a young man,  disillusioned with his first job, realizes his dreams.

Sahil is one such youngster, who steps into his first job at Kayee International with great aspirations. After an MBA from a premier institution, he expects to be treated like a king. But his expectations are far removed from the reality that he encounters. From the day he calls in to ask about accommodations, he meets with disappointments. His every request is turned down citing ‘Company policy’, a phrase that he gets to hate.

Meanwhile, Sahil looks for other jobs, but none meet his expectation. He even attempts to become an entrepreneur by creating a gaming site, but his attempts meet with many obstacles and problems.

Life moves at a slow pace with hardly any work to do, until Pallavi enters the office. She is the sole girl in Kayee, and becomes the center of attraction. Sahil stands out among his colleagues, in that he hardly notices her, while they all gape openly at the poor girl. Due to an unexpected turn of events Sahil and Pallavi become close friends, and Pallavi becomes instrumental in bringing the best out of Sahil.

The rest of the story is about whether Sahil reaches his goals, and what his relationship with Pallavi means.

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  1. Realistic portrayal of settings. I liked the way the sea is described from 30,000 feet above ground, the sunset, and several such little things.
  2. The contrast between Sahil’s expectations in the corporate world and reality has been brought out well.  For instance, after a couple of days in office, Sahil takes out dresses – those he had kept at the bottom of his wardrobe, never intending to wear them – so that he can blend in with the way the people really dressed in the office.
  3. The impression created by Pallavi’s arrival in the office has been shown humorously and believably, just as it happens in offices in small towns.
  4. Sahil’s perseverance and hope in the midst of hopeless, turbulent situations is inspiring.
  5. The epilogue, showing what happens to each character at the end of the story, satisfies the curiosity of the reader.

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  1. Too many Hindi quotations. Those who do not have a good grip of the language would find it frustrating.

? ? ?

  1. It is mentioned that Sahil and Pallavi are in different batches at the training in Delhi. But then, how is Pallavi sitting next to Sahil and prodding him when he falls asleep during lectures?

Peep into the ‘glamorous’ world of entrepreneurship.

A copy of this book was given me by the author in return for an honest review. Thank you Anay Agarwal.

Book Details:

Title The Crooked Road
Amazon Kindle Edition
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Anay Agarwal
Publisher Self (Anay Agarwal)

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