The Auto That Flew – Ken Spillman

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The Auto That Flew – Ken Spillman

The Auto that flew by Ken Spillman is the story of Arjun, who had three wheels, one headlight and a coat of green and yellow.

I stumbled upon this book when I saw Pratham books’ tweet about their release of books on Scribd under Creative Commons Licence.

Returning to the story, autowallah Sirishji worked hard and so did Arjun, his auto. Though Arjun had a good life, secretly, he wanted to fly.

One hot day, a sari-clad, grey-haired woman got into Arjun. Now, the linguist in me is finding this sentence interesting because it could easily be tagged as a semantically wrong sentence, but that is when the reading is out of context. Of course, it is a sentence that goes into my repository of interesting sentences.

Returning again to the story, the lady bought two bottles of water from a small boy and offered one to Sirishji. The boy had claimed that it was magic water and soon they realized that it was indeed magical.

As they moved, Arjun started flying. Sirishji found it fun not to have to manoeuvre Arjun through the mad traffic of Delhi. In addition, he noticed that his face had transformed into a Bollywood hero-like face. The passenger lady also had a makeover.

Arjun felt very free, yet in no time, he started feeling lost. Arjun missed the rush and bustle of people.

Sirishji and the woman also missed their familiar routines and wanted to get back to their purposeful journeys.

So, down to the earth they came. And back to their original lives.

Having touched magic, they realized the magic in their original lives.

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  1. From the word go, Ken Spillman captivates the reader and arrests him/her with his inimitable imagination – An auto with a name and that which flew!
  2. Ajanta Guhathakartha’s illustrations are colourful and are appropriate for the content and the target readers.
  3. This book is published by Pratham books. With their mission of “a book in every child’s hand”, their picture books are published in many regional languages as well. This one is available in Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil and Urdu. Personally, I want to see good books for children in regional languages, and I appreciate Pratham books’ efforts towards this.
  4. Find Pratham books on Scribd. I downloaded this book from their Scribd channel, where they have released about 400 of their books under Creative Commons Licence. Plus one to this effort.
  5. According to the back cover, this book is meant for level 3 readers, for children who are ready to read on their own. I have always wondered if classifying a book by age is appropriate. I like this classification than specifying age, because it is more appropriate to classify by ability than age.
  6. Economical pricing. At Rs. 50 the hardcopy of the book is worth every rupee spent on it.

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  1. Do I smell some philosophy here? The grass is always greener on the other side? Just wondering if it is appropriate for children.

The auto that came out with flying colours!

Book Details:

Title The Auto That Flew
Pratham books Paperback
Scribd eBook
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Ajanta Guhathakurta, Ken Spillman
Publisher Pratham Books

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