Tania Has An Idea – Kanika G

Tania has an idea - Kanika G

I literally stumbled upon this book as I was browsing my flipkart eBooks App. Tania Has An Idea is a free ebook written and published by Kanika G. It is available on the Smashwords link at the bottom of this page. This is the fifth book in a series of books (which I learnt later) with the protagonist Tania. Kanika made these stories up for her daughter and eventually self-published them.

Four-year old Tania had enjoyed celebrating her birthday, and loved all the presents she received. Now, she was interested in knowing about the birthdays of her family members. The next one was her Mama’s and she wished to make a gift for her.

Deciding to make a gift is one thing, but deciding what to make is another. She observed Mama keenly to find what she needs. She noticed that Mama loved tea, but did not quite understand her choice of using tea leaves over tea bags, though they were quite convenient to use. She questioned Mama over her choice. From the answers that she got, she had an idea for the perfect gift.

An idea, they say, suffices to only start an action. One has to see it through. Tania faced quite a few stumbling blocks in her endeavour and she managed to overcome these with the help of Papa, she finished making the perfect gift.

As Tania waited to see the surprise and smile on her Mama’s face when she received the gift, she had to take leave, leaving me with a feeling of ‘Wow’.

+ + +

  1. A unique idea of an activity narrated in simple words to form a story. An activity book that has a story woven around it. Fabulous idea!
  2. Every parent-child duo of the age group can easily relate to the story.
  3. The subtle points that are communicated — the importance of gifting what a person needs, the superiority of hand-made over store-bought gifts, the creativity involved in sourcing the needed materials, the need to come up with alternatives, when the execution does not move forward as planned — are truly appreciable. I have always had this pet peeve that one buys resources from a store for a creative activity. Isn’t creativity supposed to stem out of constraints?
  4. The photographs that accompany the story efficiently replace the illustrations required in an activity book.
  5. Simple cover that reflects the title’s meaning.
  6. It is absolutely free! Click on the link below and read the book.

I intend to check out the author’s other books in the series as well.

Free and fantastic!

Book Details:

Title Tania has an idea
Flipkart eBook
Smashwords eBook
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Kanika G
Publisher Self (Kanika G)

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