Tania Casts a Spell – Kanika G

Tania Casts a Spell - Kanika G

I saw the link to “Tania Casts a Spell” by Kanika G posted by an FB friend. I vaguely remembered that another book (Tania Has an Idea)  by Kanika G was reviewed on this site. Recalling that I was intrigued about the ending of that book, I downloaded this book.

Tania and her mom are spring cleaning, during which Tania picks up books that her mama had read when she (her mama) was Tania’s age for later reading. Later that day she and her friend Tanisha read one of the books in their reading club, “The Bookworm Babies”. The book is about how to cast a spell which brings bad luck to a person.

Both Tania and Tanisha know that spells, magic and witchcraft are just plain mumbo jumbo. But being adventurous kids, they decide to try out the spell on Abhijeet, a boy who usually bullies them. The spell requires a list of ingredients, which they assemble resourcefully in due course. They then put the stuff in a pot with boiling water and stirring clockwise chant, “May rotten luck befall my victim for a weekend and a day”.

Having cast the spell, they forget about the whole episode over the weekend. So, imagine their dismay, when they go to board the school bus on Monday, Abhijeet comes there with a cast on his leg. OMG! Did Abhijeet break his leg due to their spell? Not just that, even more bad luck befalls him in the next couple of minutes. The model house that he has made for the craft project is destroyed by a falling coconut! Surely the spell is working!

They are now convinced that their spell is working, and feel guilty about casting a spell wishing bad luck on Abhijeet. That evening Tania, confesses to her mother that she had cast a spell on Abhijeet and that it was working.  Her mama however, consoles her and tells her that spells don’t work. But Tania is convinced otherwise.

Does magic and spells work? If yes, how do they work? Or is Tania’s mama right? Then how did bad luck befall Abhijeet?  To know the answers you would have read the book. 🙂 Tania Casts a Spell.

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  1. The story is told in a simple, engaging manner. Day to day events that we can relate to are narrated tellingly to keep us involved. I am sure that many readers can relate to clearing attics / old cupboards,  once-in-a-while activities, that always bring nostalgic memories, and sometimes turn up long forgotten memorabilia, photos and books.
  2. The book also doubles up as an activity book, where one has to plan and complete a task. The ingredients for the spell, are not difficult to obtain, though somewhat of a icky, yucky nature. The children would enjoy doing this, though some Ammas-Appas / Mamas-Papas might frown upon it.
  3. I liked that the story conveys a message, without appearing preachy – showing, rather than telling.  The story is neatly structured, and is logical in its execution. Though, the summing up part could have been avoided. I know I sound contradictory, but I hope you get the point.
  4. The books in the Tania series are published without DRM. Gotcha – you didn’t get that right? DRM is Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM limits what you can do with e-books.  The restrictions prevent you from reformatting the e-book to your liking, including making stylistic changes like adjusting the font sizes, although there is software that empowers you to do such things for non-DRM books. But, I wonder, how much change is permissible? Is it limited only to look & feel? Can illustrations be added? Can the story be changed to plug-in our own incidents and narratives? Maybe not. Read more about DRM.

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  1. This book is for fairly young readers, but it does not dumb down the words used. It uses a few big words – for example – rendezvous, coincidence, goaded, bearings etc. I wonder if that would be a speed-breaker for some young readers, though I hope that they would read on getting the meaning in the context of the situation.
  2. If you see the inside cover, you’ll see that besides the author Kanika G, one Pell G is credited with editing the book. A little bit of digging revealed tha Pell G is the author’s first born daughter. The mom-daughter duo have published several Tania books till now. A big thumbs-up to that. 👍
  3. The images and illustrations are ample and add to the reading experience. They  have been obtained from a variety of sources – some are photos taken by the author, others taken from online sources (and acknowledged).  While such a strategy is an ingenious way to put together a book, it lacks uniformity through the book. I would have preferred a consistent approach for illustrations.


Book Details:

Title Tania Casts a Spell
Kanika G eBook
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Kanika G, Pell G
Publisher Self (Kanika G)

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