Squiggle takes a walk – Natasha Sharma 4

Squiggle takes a walk – Natasha Sharma

“Squiggle Takes a Walk” by Natasha Sharma is a book meant to help beginner-writers understand punctuations and their use.

Squiggle feels alone and lost. She wants to find out who she is. So, she goes on a quest to find her identity. She meets the Question Mark, the Exclamation Mark, the Comma, the Full Stop and other punctuations along the way, as she walks through the pages of a notebook. She stops to chat and understand if she is one of them. Did she find her identity?

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  1. Three cheers to Natasha for having used the familiar plot of “a character on a quest” in a tangential theme of teaching the use of punctuations. Thinking out of the box!
  2. The dialogues that happen between Squiggle and each punctuation mark are witty and amusing.
  3. Vikram Nandwani has elevated the book’s appeal with his illustrations. They do not just complement the storyline, but go on to strengthen the points made.
  4. The punctuation primer at the end of the book with games and activities establish this book’s potential for use in the classrooms as a teaching resource.

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  1. Obviously, this book is targeted at a particular age group of children. For this target group, this book is a must-read.  For teachers and parents of this group, it is a must-have. But for the general reader, it is worth a read.

Walk along with squiggle.

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4 thoughts on “Squiggle takes a walk – Natasha Sharma

  • Devi

    Thanks for introducing the book Menaka. I just purchased it. If not for plusminusnmore.rapo.in, it would have been difficult to identify such good books. There is a buyer.. there are books, your site and its review are the ones that is acting as a bridge between us! Appreciating the usefulness of this forum one more time.
    My little one (Grade 1!) is already fan of Natasha’s one liners . He was rofl on “… fell flat like Dosa” from “Rajaraja and swapped sacks..”. Let me see how they like this one 🙂

  • Devi

    Further updates: Thanks to Amazon, we received the book yesterday I finished it first and know for sure both would enjoy. I have to compel, market, etc., etc., for my bigger one to read a book, Grr! Soon, she rushed to me almost rofl, annotatting each and every bit she liked. That created a natural interest for the smaller one who was almost about to bunk today school to finish the book! Now the book heads to our library for other kids to enjoy Natasha’s writings!