Shadi on Toes – Payal Sareen Reddy and Ashoka Bala Reddy

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Shadi on Toes, written by the couple – Payal Sareen Reddy and Ashoka Bala Reddy – is about three middle class girls striking out on their own in Mumbai. Each of them has come over to Mumbai with their own dreams of making it in the city, in the days of recession, when Mumbai was a much preferred haven for people with dreams.

The three girls, reluctant house mates at a PG house, are at first indifferent to each other. While they have all the freedom of living away from parents, they miss the warmth of family, which brings them close to each other. Then on this becomes a tale of true friendship and sharing of the joys and sorrows of a life away from home.

Their old fashioned parents want to see them “settled”, whereas each of them have their own dreams/aspirations.

Riya, who is serious about finding her ‘soulmate’, is the principal protagonist. Preeti is private person,  who likes to take her own decisions and live by her own terms. The anonymous narrator, is keen on pursuing her studies to further her career.

Scouring matrimonial ads and websites Riya goes through many ‘haunt dates,’ for that was what the meeting of each prospective suitor was called by these girls. She often comes face to face with bizarre and sometimes even risky situations. Fake profiles put up on websites, cheaters, and eccentric characters in various professions are what we get to see as we read about Riya’s adventures.

Are the girls smart enough not to fall into such traps? Does Riya find her soulmate? Read the book to find out.

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    1. The authors have successfully strung together a story based on incidents and events from their own (and friends’) lives.
    2. It is heart-warming to see that while the girls are earning and living independently, they also give due regard to the wishes of parents.
    3. The steadfast resoluteness of the narrator in studying more and improving her prospects, despite  parental pressure and room-mates’ opinions is commendable.
    4. Excellent characterization of Riya – it rings true. She can well be imagined as the girl next door or a distant relative.
    5. The authors have written in a chatty manner – the language and conversation is contemporary, making for a light read.
    6. The crowded and busy lifestyle of Mumbai has been well brought out.
    7. The authors have gone over the role of agents in finding an accommodation in great cities, and one gets an idea of how to find accommodation in these cities..
    8. The shayaries are delightful and often lend meaning to the story.

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  1. It would have been more fulfilling to know what happened in the lives of the narrator and Preethi also over the years, since the three friends have been shown as having a reunion.

Shadi on Toes: Adventures of three independent girls.

A copy of this book was given by the author(s), in return for an honest review. Thank you Mr Ashoka Bala Reddy.

Book Details:

Title Shadi on Toes
Amazon Paperback
Flipkart Paperback
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Ashoka Bala Reddy, Payal Sareen Reddy
Publisher LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd

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