Ramu’s Ride – Karishma

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Ramu's Ride - Karishma

Ramu’s Ride written by Karishma and illustrated by Suzzanne is a lyrical picture book meant for ages two years and above. It is part of the Little Book Lovers’ series of Ms Moochie publishers.

Ramu wants to ride a bike. But Pa says he is just four.

One day, Sara rides by and asks him to come along for a ride up the hill side. So he joins her and as they go up, they encounter various beings.

At the hill top, they have a flat tyre. So, they decide to hurry back. Do they manage to reach down safe?

Does Ramu convince his Pa to buy him a bike?

This is the simple storyline of the picture book.

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  1. The simple storyline of Karishma lends itself to a delightful read for the little ones.
  2. The rhyming verses make the reading and listening a pleasure. I read out the story to my 3-year old son; He not only enjoyed it, but also picked up a few words in the process.
  3. Suzzane’s playful illustrations give image to Karishma’s verses. In particular, the picture of “six on the cycle” zooming down the hill appears to be my son’s favourite.
  4. The paper is thick, and hopefully will delay the wear and tear, though it may not match the board books.
  5. After the story, there is a Dolch word list of words found in the book and a few fun activities. This could help reinforce the new words learnt in the story for the beginner readers of around age 6.

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  1. It is high time we stop writing stories about Ramu and Somu (or) Ram and Shyam. Why not think of some contemporary names like Yohan, Vishal, Adithya, Advait and the like? Authors needs to probably look up the handbook of baby names before naming their characters!
  2. The price of the book appears slightly steep, though the Kindle edition is reasonably priced. It is probably due to the good quality of paper. However, for this age group, I would prefer a board book.

A pleasant ride. 

A copy of this book was given me by Amrutash Misra, on behalf of the publishers, Ms Moochie, in return for an honest review. Thanks Amrutash.

Book Details:

Title Ramu's Ride
Amazon Paperback
Amazon Kindle Edition
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Karishma, Suzzanne
Publisher Ms Moochie

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