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1. Sunu Sunu Snail: Storm in the Garden – Sandhya Rao / Ashok Rajagopalan Must Read On one rainy day an unusual visitor visited our library. It let its feelers out observing the wet concrete and sailed slowly (extremely slowly). It was a slimy snail. Tiny tots felt awful to […]

Books for 3+ from Tulika

Wings to Fly – Sowmya Rajendran
Must-Read “Wings to fly” written by Sowmya Rajendran and illustrated by Arun Kaushik is an episode from the biography of the differently-abled sportsperson Malathi Holla. How about reading a biography to a 5-year old? Can’t think of it right? Malathi wants to fly, but she cannot. Obviously humans cannot fly. […]

Wings to Fly – Sowmya Rajendran

Being Boys - Tulika 2
After a breezy read of “Girls to the Rescue” ( a satirical take on Fairy tales), I took this book, “Being Boys”, assuming that this book is going to present the boys’ view of the problem. I expected a funny book, a light read. But what I read was totally […]

Being Boys

வெண்முரசு – நூல் ஒன்று – முதற்கனல் – ஜெயமோகன்
படிமச்செரிவும் (poetic images), பொருட்செறிவும் குன்றாத நடையில் இயற்றப்பட்டுள்ள வெண்முரசு, மகாபாரதத்தின் மறுசித்தரிப்பு அல்ல, இது ஒரு நவீன நாவல், என அழுத்தமாகக் கூறுகிறார், இதன் ஆசிரியர் ஜெயமோகன். தினமும் ஒரு அத்தியாயம் எனத் தொடர்ந்து பத்து ஆண்டுகள், மகாபாரதத்துக்கு தனது நாவலில் நவீன வடிவம் கொடுக்கப் பெரும் வேட்கையுடன், கடந்த ஆண்டு ஜனவரி ஒன்று முதல் தனது வலைப்பக்கத்தில் தொடர்ந்து பதிவேற்றிவரும் ஜெயமோகன், உலக இலக்கிய வரலாற்றிலேயே மிகப்பெரிய நாவலாக இது […]

வெண்முரசு – நூல் ஒன்று – முதற்கனல் – ஜெயமோகன்

Unbreakable – M C Mary Kom 8
When one gets to live in a different part of our country, one is thrown into a different milieu, one becomes more perceptive and sensitive to the culture, traditions of the local people. Living in Assam and in the midst of colleagues from Manipur, I’ve been fortunate to get a […]

Unbreakable – M C Mary Kom

Weed - Paro Anand 4
It was while browsing Facebook that I came across some feeds, which talked about a program by author Paro Anand. So while checking out books from the library I happened to notice the name in the lists and browsed the books. As is my wont, I did not check for […]

Weed – Paro Anand

You are your own gym - Mark Lauren 8
I have to confess that I hate the gym. I prefer my yoga routine and brisk walks to keeping pace with the treadmill while staring into a wall. So, when I saw this title, I picked it out of curiosity. Coming from Mark Lauren, a certified Military Physical Training Specialist, […]

You are your own gym – Mark Lauren