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Keep Calm And Mommy On by Tanu Shree Singh is a reference book on parenting, outlining strategies to calmly deal with various parenting issues.

Tanu has a doctorate in Positive Psychology. The book focusses on parenting strategies for toddlers and teenagers. It deals with a variety of issues including, diversity, sex education, sibling rivalry, death, bullying, lying, exams and her pet subject, books. Tanu illustrates her theories with anecdotes from her life raising two kids, who are now teenagers.

Tanu’s main mantra is, talk to your kids, which is very different from talk at your kids. Effectively resolving a parenting problem requires input from your child.

Under diversity, Tanu discusses the importance of open mindedness, acceptance, tolerance and a willingness to explore, listen and learn. She believes kids learn these things from observing their parents and from heart to heart conversations with them.

Many parents are squeamish about sex education, but Tanu strongly suggests a direct approach. Kids are already awkward and easily embarrassed in their teenage years. So it is up to the parents to make it easy for kids to approach them and Tanu suggests methods to make this possible.

Tanu emphasises that bullying should be taken very seriously by parents and educators; while lying, though it should be discouraged, she says is only a symptom and the root of the problem needs to be addressed. She suggests simple ways to eliminate some circumstances in which our kids feel the need to lie.

Tanu advocates freedom and space for kids when it comes to career choices, and how to spend their time. On occasion, when it is not practical to give them complete freedom, she suggests a principle of selective freedom. To know more about selective freedom and Tanu’s other methods, read the book.

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  1. Tanu believes books are a panacea to all problems and suggests specific lists of books that would help tackle various parenting problems and initiate conversations on uncomfortable subjects. Apple may believe there is an app for everything, but Tanu knows there is a book for everything and will happily provide a list of titles.
  2. Tanu has strong opinions, and though sometimes I did not agree with some details in her approaches, her basic ideas are sound. She stresses on openness, respect, comfort and trust, all being two way streets and I could not agree with her more.
  3. Although this is a reference book written by an academic, it is quite readable. The anecdotes and examples suggest practical implementations of the seemingly idealistic theories. Tanu’s breezy writing style teetering on the knife edge of humour and seriousness makes it a pleasant read.
  4. While delving into details, Tanu never loses sight of the bigger picture, that she wants to raise decent, sensitive, curious kids, and is consistent about it. She strongly believes in giving kids freedom, but also emphasises the importance of teaching them the difference between needs and wants. She also emphasises the need of consistency for any parenting approach to work.

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  1. In the section about the dangers of porn sites, a mention of porn chat rooms and picture or video file exchanges is absent, though in my personal opinion, this is one of the most dangerous aspects of teenagers visiting porn sites.

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  1. Navigating parenthood one hurdle at a time involves lots of deep breaths and splashes of cold water.

She raises children by talking to them!

A copy of this book was given me by the publishers, Duckbill in return for an honest review. Thanks Duckbill.

Book Details:

Title Keep Calm And Mommy On
Amazon Paperback
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Tanu Shree Singh
Publisher Duckbill

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