Kallu’s World 1: In Big Trouble Again – Subhadra Sen Gupta

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Kallu's World 1: In Big Trouble Again - Subhadra Sen Gupta

I have been keeping track of the #PBSummerReads of Pratham books – starting with The Auto That Flew, I followed it up with Chuskit Goes to School and then The Cat in the Ghat. Now it’s Kallu’s World 1: In Big Trouble Again.

Kallan or Kallu is never punctual to school. Known for his late-coming, and reprimanded by Masterji on several occasions for the same, he usually cooks up interesting stories as excuses.

One fine day, his brother Shabbo, who is nursing a broken leg at home, wakes him up saying that he is very late. Everyone has left to either school or his/her workplace.

Kallu, in a hurry gets ready and rushes off to school, his doubts about the yet sunless sky bounced off by Shabbo’s “That’s the mist you idiot!”.

On his way, he encounters Dharam Chacha, the tea shop owner, the mad buffalo man Badi and his friend Damu and his sister Saru. He is indignant and irritated that everyone teases him about his late-going, but he feels slightly reassured that Damu and Saru will be arriving later than him. He is also under pressure to cook up yet another story and it has to be convincing too. Now, does that remind me of Tiddler?

Now, how did he deal with Masterji when he reached school, and what imaginative story did he churn out? Were Damu and Saru also late for school? Read the book now to find out.

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  1. What is the plot? A boy goes late to school, and this is yet another similar day. What consequences did he face? Can a totally ordinary daily event like this be the gist of a story? Yes, proves Subhadra Sen Gupta. With her imagination and meticulous detailing, she has turned it into an interesting story for young readers.
  2. Tapas Guha’s deft hands have brought to the fore the village scenarios so vividly that one gets transported to the locations.
  3. Pratham books brings us such books for a mere Rs.35. Incredible! Can it get better? Yes, it can. Read it for free as an ebook on scribd.

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  1. Is a boy so naive to do what Kallu did? Can he not make out when his acquaintances tease him? Aaarghhh…No spoilers.

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  1. This book is meant for level 4 readers, for children who can read with confidence.

Kallu’s trouble is our delight!

Book Details:

Title Kallu's Word 1: In Big Trouble Again
Pratham books Paperback
Scribd eBook
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Subhadra Sen Gupta, Tapas Guha
Publisher Pratham Books

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