Glitter and Gloss – Vibha Batra

Glitter and Gloss - Vibha Batra

Glitter and Gloss by Vibha Batra is an entertaining book for young girls and those others who are young at heart and still have that romance kicking in their minds. The style is quite different from what I usually read and I was not  sure if I would like it. But as I read on, I fell in love with the language. The way Vibha Batra has used words and contexts ingenuously, or rather played with words to use them in the Indian context, would bring a smile on anyone’s face.

This is a story that highlights the compulsion for Indians to not just be wedded to the spouse, but to the entire family.  The protagonist Misha represents the girls in India for whom marriage comes as a package with in laws, neighbors, and what not. Here Misha is a modern, independent girl earning her living as a make-up artist. She has  had  her share of breaks-ups with a series of wrong choices in love –  a fact her friend Poulomi repeatedly reminds her of. The conversations between Poulomi and Misha add spice to the story.

Misha has other demons to face in the form of the relationship issues of her parents who are divorced. Eventually, with her savior-like attitude, she lands on her prince charming (and what a guileless prince is he!). In spite of her clumsy ways (she has an uncanny skill of getting into awkward situations during most crucial encounters) and weaknesses, the hero, Akshay loves her for who she is. And she is madly in love with Akshay.

Just when it seems like they both can bring out the best from each other, there enter the relatives. Misha goes out of her way to please Akshay’s altogether different society, sacrificing things she likes, just to make sure their relationship succeeds. In the process she loses a lot and even finds herself all alone at a certain point. Her very habit of acting as savior, which had won Akshay, rocks the boat of their relationship. Then, on cue from Rekha Aunty, a well-wisher, she sets out on a journey to find out who she really is, and what she wants out of life. It is an engaging read and one is hooked to find out if Misha rediscovers the joys of her life.

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  1. Charming play of words like ‘patriarchy ke side effects’, ‘nymph in shining armour’, etc.
  2. Metaphors thought out in a funny and fresh manner. Example

    “It is like you’re sitting on this gigantic, unpredictable volcano, tingling with molten anticipation, spewing fiery excitement,…” The narrator tells this about keeping secrets from family and friends.

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  1. Though Misha is shown as totally human with a tinge of selfishness, greed, and all that, the hero, Akshay is shown as almost a God with no faults whatsoever.

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  1. The way even a very independent and modish girl like Misha goes all out to get into the good books of Didi, Akshay’s sister is surprising.

Discover the life within the glitter and gloss of married life.

A copy of this book was given me by Bloomsbury Publishers in return for an honest review. Thanks.

Book Details:

Title Gloss and Glitter
Amazon Paperback
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Vibha Batra
Publisher Bloomsbury

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