Friday Fun 2: Book title Hangman

Friday Fun 2: Book title Hangman

Today is Friday and it is time for Friday Fun.

We all know the Hangman game.

Here we have hangman with a twist.

Play Hangman with book titles.

There are 50 classic titles.

Try to find all.

Check your knowledge of the classics.

Have fun.

Though we all know to play hangman, the instructions to play are below.

How to Play

Click or tap “New Title” to display the letters of the alphabet and a row of dashes indicating the number of letters to be guessed.

Click or tap a letter. If it’s in the title, it replaces the dash(es).

Each wrong guess results in a stroke being added to a gallows and its victim.

Your aim is to guess the title correctly before the victim meets his grisly fate.

You can clear score and start afresh anytime.

JavaScript must be enabled to play this game.

Game loading. . .

Sorry, your browser needs to support canvas for this game.

New Title
Clear Score

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