Our Format and Rating

About our Format

The format of our reviews differ considerably from the traditional reviews, due to our list-based thinking. So, our review format is usually like this.


A short account of the storyline of the book.

+ + +

About the positives that the reviewer found in a list form.

– – –

About the negatives that were found in a list form.

! ! !

Elements that caused surprise or elements that caused the reviewer to wonder about something.

? ? ?

Questions that came to the mind of the reviewer or questions that the reviewer wants to ask someone(say, the author)

. . .

Well, as we all know, it is very difficult to not let the mind wander. Certain associations can cause other musings. This section is for all that.


A punchy (honestly, we try) one-liner to sum up.

Product Information

Facts about the product being reviewed and links to online purchasing options, if any.

About our Rating

We do not rate the products we review, atleast, not in any scale of 1 to n. Well, the reason, is that, it is difficult to understand a number by itself. And fractions increase the confusion. Now, a product may have a good over-all effect, but may not score well if it is analysed in individual criteria. So, we decided that we shall have verdicts only.


Books can have one of the following four verdicts.


A book that we highly recommend.

Make a note of it and make it a point to buy/borrow/steal it and read it for sure.

Even if it does not fall within your genres of interest, you can give it a try.

Worth a read

A book that has interesting elements.

It can be a good read.

The time spent on it is not wasted, though it could have been better.


If you are stranded somewhere with only this book in hand, and nothing else to do, you can read this.

It may not add value to you, but it will atleast avoid boredom.

Read if you must

Even if you are stranded somewhere with only this book in hand, and nothing else to do, do not read this.

It is definitely not worth your time.

(Well, we do not usually give blog space for this category. But if we are forced to do so in any circumstance, this is what it means.)

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