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Sebin Simon


Born 27 December 1988
Place of BirthKerala
City of residenceMumbai
Books illustrated

  1. Vanamala and the Cephalopod
  2. Big Bully and M-me


Sebin Simon simply illustrates his dreams, inspirations and expressions. From childhood, the only thing that made him happy was drawing and painting, so when he grew up, he chose to be happy.

Sebin’s admission – “copied from a third party website (Duckbill’s), which wrote about me :)”


Fantastic Four – Four of my favourite books / authors / illustrators

All books by Paulo Coelho I just love his thought behind every book, the simplicity with which he writes and the imagination power his words have. (I have read almost all of his books).

The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Mountains Echoed – Khaled Hosseini Again he has a different style of story telling, so simple, yet so powerful. He portrays the characters through words so nicely, that one can imagine/see them before their eyes.

Timmi in Tangles – Shals Mahajan,  Illustration – Shreya Sen I just love the art in this book – just love the style.

Phiss Phuss Boom – Jerry Pinto, Anushka Ravishankar, Sayoni Basu, IllustrationVinayak Varma Interesting Fart Writing – this book is all about fart stories. 🙂


Tell us about your earliest attempts at illustrating. When, where and from whom did you learn the nittygritties of illustration?

My earliest attempt was like everyone else’s – a pen/pencil/crayon and my room walls.Tweet

Though I have an education in Applied Arts, illustration was never my main subject. One fine day I just fell in love with it – still discovering it every day.

Where do the ideas for your cartoons come from?

Can’t say exactly from where, but most of the time they are what I felt, or what I knew, or something I want to be.

Sebin Simon At Work

What does your typical working day look like?

There is nothing like typical work day for me. My every day is like:
Get up early (morning  10 am / 11 am) – wonder – Timepass – check mails – work – repeat – sleep early (2 am / 3 am).

What is one habit / trait of yours that makes you effective / productive as an illustrator?

I am still searching for one.
If anyone out there has an idea how I can improve the productivity please let me know.

What is the one thing that you recommend every aspiring illustrator should do?

Have Fun -Work – Rework – Work – Have Fun Repeat-till-you-die.Tweet

Tell us something about yourself that very few people know?

I run/manage/illustrate for Inkology. (seriously no one knows this, trust me)Tweet

Does technology (the Internet, software tools) help you in your illustrating process? If yes, can you tell us about them?

Like in every field, technology in art also has the two sides – while it helps you to learn – share your work – get inspired, it also makes you feel low in terms of work confidence – reduces imagination power.

Is there any other way in which technology helps / can help you in your work as illustrator?

Yes, It is. The software – the products we have now in hand are a boon in one way. May be technology should do something on payment delays by the client. 🙂

What people have influenced your thinking and might be of interest to others? (include websites, blogs or Twitter profiles, etc).

If I name one by one then I guess it will be a long list.
Disclosure: I don’t want to disclose my inspirations! (Sorry, I’m a little selfish here).

Can you tell about what you are currently working on and other works in the pipeline?

Well currently no books for now (hoping that some publishing houses and authors are reading this).
But I am working on some client projects and a few personal projects.

What do you think about stereotypes in storytelling? Did you consciously try to break stereotypes when doing the family picture where the mother is taller than the father?

About stereotypes of story telling and all, I think I am not worthy to comment about such things, as I am only two books old  (modesty 🙂 )
In the Big Bully and Me-e, the author and publisher managed to bring all the magic you see in the illustrations, since they are the ones who guided me in every step for the characters’ development.

Apart from illustrating for children’s books, what other forms of creative expression do you practise?

Apart from children’s books,

I paint on walls (graffiti), I illustrate for some small clients, I am also a creative consultant for an advertising agency.Tweet

(Yes, they pay me well – hoping that they read this).

Can you tell us something about the Monster series that we see on your facebook wall?

Monster Series is just me having fun with the traditional medium: sketchpens – pencils – papers etc.
And yes, soon I will be converting them to digital ones – I am planning to produce merchandise with the whole series. (yes I need some money).

Find me at

Site/Blog: http://www.inkologyart.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Inkologyarts (@Inkologyarts)

Facebook:  FB Page Inkologyart, https://www.facebook.com/sebinomis

Mail: inkologyartstudio@gmail.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/sebin_simon

Behance: https://www.behance.net/inkologyart

PlusMinus’n’More: Thank you Sebin, for being our guest on F-pages and sharing with us your experiences as an illustrator.

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