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Equilibrium - Paras Joshi

Equilibrium by Paras Joshi is the first of the Avaasya trilogy series, a fantasty story of a small-time robber getting caught in a tussle between Light and Dark forces that may upset the Equilibrium of the world.

The story may be interpreted to be set in the future or in a parallel Universe. 17-year old orphan boy Arya, who lives in the slums area of the Northern Grid of Carbyn is capable of breaking any lock. When he takes part in a heist to rob some antiques from the high-security Rumai building in the Central Sector of the city, he does not know what the future holds for him. Inadvertently, he comes in possession of the powerful Ring of Rings, Avaasya of which many are in pursuit.

Thus begins a dangerous journey involving the Gurujana Council made of the Lærer and the five Saatvikas, the Wielders of the Give Elements – Manyu, Ayrof, Jalayu, Fyir and Sthir, the evil Ulkäs, the mercenaries who serve the Ulkäs and an unknown head of the evil forces.

Since the Avaasya chose to present itself to the world through Arya, Arya is expected to take it to the Saatvikaalok. On his way, he encounters several dangers to his life and to the ring and of course help from unexpected quarters. A basic good versus evil plot with racy action in a highly imaginative and fantastic setting is what you are in for.

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  1. Paras Joshi has attempted the story with a melange of elements from various genres — borrowed some concepts from science fiction, picked some ideas from fantasy stories, relied on the mythological good vs. evil plot and the elements — which makes the story very original. In fact, even the names are a very eclectic mix, ranging from the sanskrit-like Saatvikaa and Jalayu to the Greek-sounding Ayrof and Fyir to the western Dale Craig and Citadel.
  2. The racy-pacy action in the story makes it a suitable read for young adults and lovers of fantasy fiction.

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  1. In my opinion, I found that there were a plethora of characters, names and explanations thrown in throughout the book, that it was difficult to follow. The last time I read some text so carefully was when I was writing my thesis. I would have preferred some simpler details and easier-to-remember characters of lesser number.

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  1. Paras Joshi is just 21 years. Appreciable effort from a youngster.


A copy of this book was given me by Fingerprint! publishing in return for an honest review. Thanks Fingerprint! publishing!

Book Details:

Title Equilibrium
Amazon Paperback
Flipkart Paperback
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Paras Joshi
Publisher Fingerprint!

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