Daksha the Medicine Girl – Gita V Reddy

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Daksha the Medicine Girl - Gita V Reddy

Daksha is a little girl who lives in a hamlet high up in the Himalayas. She was orphaned by one of the flash floods that hit the village, but she was adopted by the village, as is the norm in villages.

She started assisting Panditji, the medicine-man, and thus cultivated a skill for healing and curing, and a knowledge of herbs and medicinal plants. She was happy doing this, and being with her lambs and other animals, the trees, the pond and other elements of her environment.

One winter, when the weather is extremely harsh, Panditji and several others moved to the plains for the season. It is then that two army men, Subedar Hamid and Arjun come to her village. They are badly wounded, with Arjun having a broken arm. Due to the thick snow, they are unable to go anywhere else for medical help. Daksha steps in and helps set Arjun’s  bones and heal his arm.

The two men are extremely pleased when they eventually leave the village. Soon thereafter, the villagers get a message that the government would sponsor Daksha’s education in the city. She is to live with Subedar Hamid’s daughters.

A reluctant Daksha goes to live in the city, and tries adjusting to school. Though the people around her do their best to make her feel comfortable she is unable to settle into the new environment. When she asks to return to her village, Subedar Hamid and his family is not happy.

With the help of Major Dr. Hemalatha, Subedar Hamid tries to understand why Daksha wants to return. How they manage to convince Daksha of the importance of education is the story.

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  1. A simple story of a girl belonging to a hamlet, well tucked away from the urban world, and her extraordinary natural talent. How the world wants to provide the best for her growth, and what happens when she is not able to adjust to this new world.
  2. I liked the description of the culture of the village, where one need not feel orphaned, when the parents are no more.
  3. I liked the colourful cover.
  4. Free.

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  1. I wonder why the urban and educated always think that formal school education is the best thing that can happen to one. Why not let Daksha be in her hamlet, helping people in and around her village? Why not let Daksha learn more of whatever she learnt from Panditji? When she has found her natural passion, and she is following it, why should one force school education on her? Just imagine poring over pages of history and chemistry, and preparing for exams for a girl who was doing good where she was! I think formal education is the most over-rated necessity in this world!

I intend to check out the author’s other books as well.

The magic medicine girl who was forced an education!

Book Details:

Title Daksha the Medicine Girl
Amazon Kindle Edition
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Gita V Reddy
Publisher Self (Gita V Reddy)

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