Cool – Michael Morpurgo 2

Cool - Michael Morpurgo

This book is by Michael Morpurgo. He is the author of the award winning “War Horse”. The illustrations are by Michael Foreman.

I guess the author named the book ‘Cool’ because there is a boy in the story who keeps saying “cool” and his mother doesn’t like it. His name is Robbie. His father and mother have separated. He lives with his mother and  younger sister whose name is Ellie. He has a dog named Lucky. Robbie is the one who named the dog Lucky.

Robbie lies in coma after a terrible and serious car accident which keeps him in bed for weeks. He cannot speak or move. He can only hear. After the car accident, he thinks Lucky is dead. He doesn’t know that Lucky is actually alive.

Many people come to visit him. The famous Chelsea footballer Zola, of whom Robbie is a fan, comes to see him, but Robbie isn’t waking up. Later, his dad who moved out of the house, returns. Robbie’s parents say that they are going be together from that day. Robbie is really happy that his parents were going to live together. On the other hand, he is sad that he cannot go and join his parents and sister.

His parents and relatives do everything they can to wake Robbie from the coma. His friends from the school send him get-well messages. Sometimes, he tells himself that maybe he is in the middle of a bad dream or a nightmare and once he wakes up, it will be fine. It is not until a fine day when his dad gets Lucky to the hospital (which is against the rules of the hospital), he wakes up from his coma.

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  1. Just before every chapter, the author gives us an idea of what is going to happen in that chapter, in the form of a newspaper report.
  2. I like the cool illustrations by Michael Foreman in the book ‘Cool’.
  3. I like the book’s title ‘Cool’ because it is unusual.
  4. I really like that the story is told from inside Robbie’s head. It feels as though we are there with Robbie, even though we are not.
  5. I like it when Zola comes to see Robbie, leaving all his other jobs aside.

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  1. Within four pages, Robbie recovers from his coma. That is something which I cannot understand how.

A serious story told in a funny way.

Book Details:

Title Cool
Amazon Paperback
Amazon Kindle Edition
Flipkart Paperback
Flipkart eBook
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Michael Morpurgo
Publisher HarperCollins

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2 thoughts on “Cool – Michael Morpurgo

  • OO

    Hey! Cool review Sahana.

    Within four pages, Robbie recovers from his coma. That is something which I cannot understand how.

    Ah! This I have to read the story to figure out.

  • Silkelem

    I think that this is such a good book review. I already seem to like it! I will definetly read it soon! Well done on your blog post! I have a blog post about weiting and books too, it might interest you. It is about if there is an idea you like, but there is no such book with the idea, then you should write the book yourself. I hope you take a look and leave a comment about how i can improve and have a look at my other blogs. Here is the link:

    Well done on your blog post once again, and I won’t forget to read the book! 😉