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We frequently get requests to be featured on f-pages. Yes, we love to feature upcoming, as well as established, authors and illustrators on our f-pages. So, you are welcome.

But we would like to review at least two books of yours to get an idea about your work. This helps us to prepare ourselves for the f-page better. So, do send in a review copy of your book before an f-page. No, we do not return the free review copy.

No, we do not charge a fee for doing an f-page. But, we would appreciate if you can do a book review for us, if you can.

Book reviews

We do not take up sponsored reviews. So, please do not contact us for one.

At this point of time, we do not charge for book reviews.

We have a rather niche focus of books by Indian authors. So, please ensure that you are Indian or your book is relevant to Indian readers before you request a book review.

If you want a review, please send a review copy. No, we do not return the free review copy.

Accepting a book for review does not automatically guarantee that it will be reviewed. We reserve the right to review or not to review it.

The review may be done by one of our team of reviewers depending on his/her interest in the genre.

The reviewer’s opinion and rating cannot be influenced in any way.

The reviewer’s opinion and rating is their own, and is not necessarily the view of PlusMinus’n’More.


PlusMinus’n’More has a jobs board on which writing jobs can be posted.  Persons desirous of posting writing related jobs may register and make use of this service. There is no fee for this.


PlusMinus’n’More is a relatively young book reviews site. It was started at the end of July 2014 as a personal blog and then gradually metamorphosed into a book reviews site. We have established a niche for ourselves and we are growing in popularity.

If you want to advertise on our site, get in touch with us.

Please send your queries only at this email ID- readandpasson {at} gmail {dot} com

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