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Book Uncle and Me - Uma Krishnaswami

Book Uncle and Me is written by the author Uma Krishnaswami. This book was the 2011 winner of the Scholastic Asian Book Award.

The book is about a nine year old girl named Yasmin and two of her class mates named Reeni and Anil.

Yasmin borrows a book from Book Uncle’s free lending library every evening. Book Uncle’s library is on the street corner next to the apartment where Yasmin and Reeni live.

One day, Book Uncle seems to be in trouble. He is asked by the Mayor to move somewhere else. So Yasmin and her friends want to help him. Meanwhile, the adults are busy with the upcoming elections. They think that if Karate Samuel wins the election, he can let Book Uncle get his library back to its old, a bit dusty, corner. The story is about how they help Book Uncle get his library back to place.


Yasmin: She is the main character of the story. A book worm, who reads books from Book Uncle’s free lending library.
Reeni: She is Yasmin’s best friend and classmate. She is also one of the supporters of Book Uncle.
Anil:  He is a blackbelter in Karate, one of the supporters of Book Uncle and a class mate of Yasmin.
Book Uncle: He has a free lending library on the street corner.
Karate Samuel: He is a Karate expert who stands for the election.

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  1. I like the way they (Yasmin, Reeni and Anil) help Book Uncle. They ask their classmates and teachers to write letters to all the candidates who are standing for the election. They ask Reeni’s mother, who works for the TV station, if she can help them give the news to everyone. They ask everyone to vote for Karate Samuel.
  2. Though this book is not of my favourite genre, I enjoyed the book.
  3. I like the expressive illustrations by Priya Kurian.

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  1. It is the first time I have heard a girl calling her parents Umma (mother) and Wapa (father).

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  1. Is there a particular reason why the main character Yasmin is a Muslim?

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Book Details:

Title Book Uncle and Me
Amazon Paperback
Flipkart Paperback
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Priya Kuriyan, Uma Krishnaswami
Publisher Scholastic India

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