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OO, known variously as V and OT in other avatars, is a blog-hopper and commentor on blogs. A self-proclaimed virtual entity, he prefers to remain anonymous, while still becoming closely acquainted with all the bloggers he reads. He is believed to be a male, senior citizen, who can speak, read and write in Tamil, lives in Bangalore and loves canines. He doesn't know much Hindi and watches Hindi movies due to force of circumstances, so his reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt.

It is one thing to be born into a faith, but quite another thing to understand what your faith says and  to live by the tenets of your faith.  What better way to do this than by witnessing firsthand the episodes drawn from your holy book. Debutant author Shiny Babu […]

Enchanted Holidays – Shiny Babu

Tania Casts a Spell - Kanika G
I saw the link to “Tania Casts a Spell” by Kanika G posted by an FB friend. I vaguely remembered that another book (Tania Has an Idea)  by Kanika G was reviewed on this site. Recalling that I was intrigued about the ending of that book, I downloaded this book. […]

Tania Casts a Spell – Kanika G

Nirmala & Normala - Sowmya Rajendran & Niveditha Subramaniam 2
Do works of art (literature, cinema, music etc) reflect contemporary culture? or is contemporary culture influenced by art? Popular art (particularly formulaic mainstream cinema) has been instrumental in reinforcing traditional stereotypes on gender roles and relationships. Some cinematic stereotypes that have been reinforced in the public mind are, “the-never-say-die-resilient-lover”, “the-funloving-intelligent-modest-girl”. […]

Nirmala & Normala – Sowmya Rajendran & Niveditha Subramaniam

Battle for Bittora - Anuja Chauhan 2
Anuja Chauhan and her books need no introduction; nor do they need any endorsement. Battle for Bittora is the second book of Ms Chauhan. Published in 2010, this book was again in the news recently, as it is soon to be made into a movie, starring Sonam Kapoor and Fawad […]

Battle for Bittora – Anuja Chauhan

Unbreakable – M C Mary Kom 8
When one gets to live in a different part of our country, one is thrown into a different milieu, one becomes more perceptive and sensitive to the culture, traditions of the local people. Living in Assam and in the midst of colleagues from Manipur, I’ve been fortunate to get a […]

Unbreakable – M C Mary Kom