Srividya Ganapathy

About Srividya Ganapathy

Srividya is a part-time content writer and a mom to two girls. Writing, painting and dabbling in knitting, crocheting, embroidering, not necessarily in that order, are her passion. She writes in the hope that one day her book will see the light of day.

Neela Mala - Azha. Valliappa 2
It was during one of my ‘gnabagam varude‘ (recollection of the past) moments that I remembered my favourite childhood novel “Neela Mala“. Written by the Tamil poet Azha. Valliappa, (author of poems like ‘nila nila odi vaa’) this novel was serialised in Gokulam magazine in 1976. After an unsuccessful search […]

Neela Mala – Azha. Valliappa

Weed - Paro Anand 4
It was while browsing Facebook that I came across some feeds, which talked about a program by author Paro Anand. So while checking out books from the library I happened to notice the name in the lists and browsed the books. As is my wont, I did not check for […]

Weed – Paro Anand