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Asha Nehemiah
Facts Born 1958 Born at Madras City of residence Bangalore Books authored Granny’s Sari, (CBT- Children’s Book Trust)* The Runaway Wheel, (CBT)* The Rajah’s Moustache, (CBT)* Wedding Clothes, (CBT)* Mrs Woolly’s Funny Sweaters, (CBT)* Surprise Gifts, (CBT)* Chapter books: For 7+ yrs age group Trouble with Magi, (Duckbill) Meddling Mooli […]

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Mahendra Jakhar
Facts Born on 15th September Born at Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh City of residence Mumbai Books authored The Butcher of Benares Bio Mahendra Jakhar was born in a small town in UP, Mainpuri. The place was infested with criminals and dacoits so his mother sent him away to a boarding school […]

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Uma Sundaram 4
Facts Born on 6th November, 1973 Born at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu City of residence Mumbai Books authored Seetayana: The Untold Journey [amazon asin=B00JVGR4IK&template=image&image=] Bio Uma is a Coimbatore born, Delhi-Coimbatore-Bangalore-Mumbai educated/lived person. She is passionate about learning and how people learn. She has been a Learning Consultant who has recently […]

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