Ashwathy and the Boot of God – Sowmya Rajendran 3

Ashwathy and the Boot of God – Sowmya Rajendran

This book was gifted to me by Uncle OO. Till then I didn’t know about this book. It is a fast-paced, gripping mystery book that I finished in one sitting.

Ashwathy, a fourteen year old girl, who lives in Kuttipuram, Kerala loves mysteries. She watches all English movies and would love to solve mysteries. She has never had mysteries to solve, until one day, when God comes to her for help. Ashwathy, an atheist, can’t exactly believe this, but then, she agrees to help.

God requests Ashwathy to investigate the death of a woman named Sreeja in her town. Sreeja was living with her husband Shivan, daughter Ammu and her husband’s parents, when she dies suddenly. Almost everyone thinks that it is a suicide, because Sreeja had cancer. Ashwathy and her friends, Malavika, Geeta and Radhakrishnan head forward to crack their first mystery case.

They disguise themselves as holy men and start tracking the mystery by questioning everyone in the woman’s family.  They find a cigarette,  next to a well, where Sreeja was murdered and go to check the brand. It is a brand that is available only in Kochi, where Shivan, Sreeja’s husband, works.  They suspect that Shivan could be the murderer, but he has an alibi. His alibi is a video tape in the office showing him go out only at 11:00, one hour after the death of Sreeja. The friends think it is impossible to solve the mystery , but Ashwathy thinks it is possible and continues to go forward in the unbelievably exciting murder mystery case.

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  1. The story line is very good.
  2. The plot is very different and fascinating because God coming and talking is unbelievable.
  3. Towards the end, the friends disguise themselves as policemen to question Chandrika, who is now going to marry Shivan.
  4. Compared to the other mystery book (The Rule Breaker’s Club) written by Sowmya Rajendran aunty, this book is three times more interesting.

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  1. The idea of God speaking to people face-to-face didn’t appeal to me.

A Super Duper Mystery Story

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Sahana Muralikrishnan is a seventh grader who aspires to become a basketball player. In her leisure time, she loves to read books, especially mysteries and adventures.

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3 thoughts on “Ashwathy and the Boot of God – Sowmya Rajendran

  • OO

    Very well reviewed Sahana. Plot described succinctly without giving away the suspense.

    The idea of God speaking to people face-to-face didn’t appeal to me.

    BTW why doesn’t it appeal to you that God talks directly to people?

    • OO

      @Sahana – thanks for answering.What you say is probably true, assuming that there is a God.
      A word in support of the author: Ashwathy … is a story. In stories we come across things that do not happen in real life – things like magic, fairies, dragons, ghosts and so on. They are stories of the imagination, so I am OK with such things.

      On another not: I heard that the God in Ashwathy … is a She. Do you believe that God is a He or a She?