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About Us

Books add value — knowledge or pleasure or relaxation or all of them — to a  person’s life. We should exercise wisdom in what we choose to read, what we choose to watch and what we choose to do (and, though not related to this blog, what we choose to eat).

This site hopes to help you make that choice in relation to books.

You may also want to check out the twin site Bioscope where we do movie reviews.

Menaka S.

The person who started this as a pastime and eventually got immersed neck-deep into it. As of now, she wears various hats including the reviewer hat.

Uncle OO

The sounding board for the ideas of the team, Uncle OO is always around to validate our ideas. So it was Uncle OO who was forced to become the first co-author or co-reviewer. He also doubles up as the chief editor for this blog because of his inimitable capacity to skim out the chaff off the posts.

Our other reviewers are

Ravindran V.

Sahana Muralikrishnan

Srividya Ganapathy

Namya  Chandramoulee

Uma Sundaram

About RAPO

RAPO refers to Read And Pass On.

It started as a facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/ReadAndPassOn/ and still exists.

It is a group where the members, after reading a book which they (have probably bought) possess, put up for others to read.

The books thus passed on are given without the expectation of getting it back.

Books rapoed thus start on a journey and go member through member.

A book, instead of lying idle on a shelf, enriches others in this manner.

http://rapo.in was launched to maintain a database of the books thus passed and track their journey.

Sharing is Caring. What do you say?

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