A Home for Woofus – Reena I Puri

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A Home for Woofus – Reena I Puri

After having a blast of an experience with Woofus ‘Everybody Works’, I was only too eager to catch up with the other books in the series.

A Home for Woofus by the same duo of Reena Puri and Savio Mascarenhas is the story of another quest undertaken by Woofus, this time to find his home.

Woofus puppy gets lost and is not able to find his way back. He sees Mr. Horse, Mrs Hen, Miss Cow, Mr Crow, Mrs Pig and Mr Sheep. He enquires if it is his home and each one of them says that it is not.

In the process, each animal tells the name of its home — a stable, a hencoop, a cowshed, a nest, a sty and a pen.

Eventually, he hears his mother’s familiar bark, and mother and son have a happy reunion.

Woofus is back in his home, the kennel.

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  1. Simple and endearing storyline. A lost puppy trying to find its way back home. For every child, home is where his/her entire world is. So, getting lost can be a traumatic experience. This theme is easy to identify with for any child.
  2. Reena has introduced the homes of each animal.  Not only does this enable to pick up vocabulary, but the storyline yields itself to some dramatization. The emotions of the puppy and his growing disappointment can be gradually built as he finds himself unable to find his way back home with every animal he meets. A parent’s delight to read out.
  3. Savio’s illustrations vividly express the emotions of Woofus.
  4. Again, just Rs. 59/-.
  5. A happy Woofus in his kennel is waiting in “Colour the picture” section.

Woofus returns home!

Book Details:

Title A home for Woofus
Amazon Paperback
Flipkart Paperback
Editor(s)/Author(s)/Illustrator(s)/Translator(s) Reena I Puri, Savio Mascarenhas
Publisher Think Big books

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