Publisher: Tulika books

1. Sunu Sunu Snail: Storm in the Garden – Sandhya Rao / Ashok Rajagopalan Must Read On one rainy day an unusual visitor visited our library. It let its feelers out observing the wet concrete and sailed slowly (extremely slowly). It was a slimy snail. Tiny tots felt awful to […]

Books for 3+ from Tulika

Wings to Fly – Sowmya Rajendran
Must-Read “Wings to fly” written by Sowmya Rajendran and illustrated by Arun Kaushik is an episode from the biography of the differently-abled sportsperson Malathi Holla. How about reading a biography to a 5-year old? Can’t think of it right? Malathi wants to fly, but she cannot. Obviously humans cannot fly. […]

Wings to Fly – Sowmya Rajendran

Being Boys - Tulika 2
After a breezy read of “Girls to the Rescue” ( a satirical take on Fairy tales), I took this book, “Being Boys”, assuming that this book is going to present the boys’ view of the problem. I expected a funny book, a light read. But what I read was totally […]

Being Boys