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Caravan to Tibet – Deepa Agarwal
Caravan to Tibet by Deepa Agarwal is an adventure story based on the annual journeys of Indian traders in the Himalayan hills to Tibet. Fourteen-year-old Debu lives with his mother and his younger brother Hayat in Milam, a small village in the Himalayan hills of Kumaon, India. During the trip […]

Caravan to Tibet – Deepa Agarwal

Horrid High - Payal Kapadia 1
Horrid High by Payal Kapadia is about young Ferg Gottin, who has mean and uncaring parents. Ferg and his best friend, Ace, go to Sunnyvale School. Ferg’s parents, who want to get rid of him, decide to send him to a place where they can abandon him forever. They send him to […]

Horrid High – Payal Kapadia